Trauma: The New Public Health Emergency in Education

Trauma: The New Public Health Emergency in Education” is a must-read by Dr. Damond Holt, a Certified Traumatologist and Functional Medicine Practitioner. In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Holt unveils the hidden crisis of trauma within our education system. Through a compelling blend of expert insights and practical solutions, he reveals the neurobiological and psychological impacts of trauma while emphasizing the importance of resilience-building. With the guiding principle that “Trauma may not be your fault, but certainly, it is our responsibility to heal from it,” this book serves as a call to action, offering a transformative roadmap to create an education environment where healing, growth, and academic excellence prevail.


Browse through Dr. Damond Holt’s revolutionary book, “Trauma: The New Public Health Emergency in Education,” as he takes it upon himself to uncover the crisis that is deeply rooted in our education system. Grab your book and look through a different lens as Dr. Holt shares eye-opening insights on this.


Hurting People

From trauma to triumph, embark on a life-altering journey as you break free from the shackles of your trauma, unlock your potential, and become the best version of yourself with Dr. Damond Holt’s book, “Hurting People Hurt People.” Get your hands on his book to heal before you bleed.


Get Your Mind Right

Delve into the depths of your mind with the help of Dr. Damond Holt’s book, “Get Your Mind Right,” as you get a deeper understanding of where your trauma stems from. Walk on a road that will transform your life in indescribable ways where the destination is perpetual healing.  



Discover the transformative power of self-care and self-love with Dr. Damond Holt’s guide, “Self-Love: Dr. Holt’s 8 Dimensions of Wellness Self-Care Workbook.” Dive into practical strategies and insightful reflections to nurture your mind, body, and soul. Purchase the book right away to kickstart your inspiring voyage to self-love.


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